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Peter W. Kingma

Peter W. Kingma is a distinguished cash management consultant with over thirty years of expertise in guiding global corporations. Renowned for his strategic insights, Kingma is a key figure in business finance, enhancing organizational liquidity and crafting sustainable financial strategies. His deep understanding and experience have established him as a leading authority in the field.

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“I was fresh out of college, on my own, and starting my professional career. Those were exciting times. It was also when I got a crash course in cash management. My twice-a-month paycheck had to stretch pretty far, covering expenses such as rent, a car payment, and of course food. The days leading up to pay-days were most challenging. I refer to them as my tuna and green bean days – all I could afford until I got paid again was canned tuna fish and canned green beans.

This simple concept of managing cash flow is something every household understands, but it often trips up businesses. Almost every employee understands the importance of sales and the need to stay on top of cost. They also usually understand the roles they play in helping their organizations achieve both objectives. Most companies set incentives, metrics, and targets to promote these behaviors. But cash?

Decisions are made every day by scores of people that impact how a business generates and burns through cash. A purchasing decision may make sense because it brings costs down but requires taking on more inventory. Or a new sales contract comes with commercial terms that allows the customer to delay making payments. Many of these decisions are made without understanding the impact they have on cash. Revenue is important. Containing costs are critical. But so is cash.

Cash funds new equipment and research. Cash helps organizations weather storms and take advantage of growth opportunities. And cash pays the bills. Profitable companies can go bankrupt without adequate cash.

I find this topic fascinating and have spent the last twenty years of my career advising business leaders all over the world on effective cash management strategies. I’ve worked with some of the most recognizable companies and am proud that through this work, they are more resilient and successful. Cash is truly king.”

About Peter Kingma

Peter Kingma is the Americas Working Capital Leader for EY Parthenon. Working across a variety of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, defense, healthcare, retail and consumer products, he advises business leaders on how to optimize the management of cash. His work has led to well over 25 billion dollars of value creation for his clients.

Peter is a regular contributor to leading business publications and podcasts, and often speaks at industry events about his areas of expertise. His clients bring him in to lead planning sessions, consult with management teams, and present to their boards of directors. Kingma who has a degree in economics from Purdue University, lives in Chicago and Columbia, Missouri.

Peter Kingma offers a strong framework to create a “cash culture”. . . and thus ensure that businesses maintain liquidity, build capital, and prepare for success.

Patrick Esposito

Bestselling author of The Structure of Success, president of ACME General Corp.,and founder/CEO of Initiative Labs LLC

This book should be mandatory reading for anyone aspiring to corporate leadership, especially within a working-capital intensive company.

Christopher Volk

Former President, CEO, and Chairman of - STORE Capital and author of The Value Equation

I recommend Peter Kingma’s insightful book to anyone who wants a roadmap to the new cash flow normal . . . His three decades of first-hand experience and unparalleled wisdom can be taken to the bank.

Joan T.A. Gabel

Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh
No business can survive without sufficient cash on hand.

Cash is King

Peter W. Kingma's new book, CASH IS KING, published by Wiley, is an insightful exploration of the critical role cash plays in business. With over thirty years of experience advising global companies about cash management, Kingma offers a comprehensive framework for building organizational liquidity and preparing businesses for every opportunity. The book, highlighting the importance of creating a cash culture, aligns strategies, initiatives, and metrics to improve cash generation and sustainability. 'CASH IS KING' is an essential guide for business leaders, managers, and anyone concerned with the financial health and viability of their organization.
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